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Humanity and the youth of the world today face an entirely unprecedented systemic crisis. The ecological catastrophe, expanding and intensifying wars or the global advance of nationalism and fascist movements are only a few symptoms of the deep crisis into which the existing world order has plunged humanity. The capitalist world system with its unstoppable drive for maximum profit does not stop at human beings or nature, reproduces poverty, misery and violence every day and is in the process of destroying our natural basis of life. Social isolation, the disintegration of social structures and the downward transfer of the consequences of the crisis are leading to the rapid impoverishment of a large part of humanity. Wherever we look, we see the fatal consequences of the multiple and intertwined crises.
Contrary to what was claimed after the collapse of real socialism, the beginning of the 21st century is by no means the beginning of the "end of history", but rather a fierce struggle is raging in all corners of the world, from the Middle East to Eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean, to shape the new world order. In the midst of the struggles between the world's powerful, millions of people around the world have begun to look for alternatives to the existing order. The recent uprisings have shown that it is mainly young people and women who are at the forefront of the protest movements, fighting for a different world with great self-sacrifice.
The ongoing revolution in Kurdistan and the surrounding countries has become a particular focus of international attention. The democratic self-government in Kurdistan, and especially the revolution in Rojava in 2012, have become a source of great hope and inspiration for all those around the world who are working for fundamental social change. The attempt to establish a stateless democracy, the achievements around the social liberation of women and the successes in building a communal and ecological economy are examples of what an alternative to the ruling order can look like.
We are convinced that in order to find an answer to the worldwide crisis and to be able to stand up to the global attacks on our lives, a closer cooperation of democratic and anti-capitalist youth organisations is needed. In order to create platforms of exchange and networking, to publicize the idea of democratic self-government and to discuss a Democratic World Youth Confederalism, the youth movements in Kurdistan and the Middle East, have organized numerous conferences, discussion events and meetings in recent years. . Important links have been established and have led to long-term cooperation.
As "Ronahî - Youth Centre for Public Relations", we want to continue this work and promote exchange between the youth movements in Kurdistan and democratic, anti-capitalist, feminist and ecological youth movements all over the world. For this purpose, we are in close exchange with youth organisations in Kurdistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria as well as Turkey and Europe and try to build bridges and promote mutual understanding through information and education work. In doing so, we focus primarily on the following areas:

1. information and education
As Ronahî, we work to inform about the social and political struggles in the Middle East and Kurdistan in particular, as well as to classify current developments and events and make them accessible. In addition, we want to inform people about the connections between what is happening on the ground and international politics. It is our particular concern to inform about the struggles of the youth on the ground and thus to deepen the exchange between the different youth movements in Kurdistan and youth all over the world.

2. exchange and education
We want to create platforms of common exchange and getting to know each other between different youth organisations and, through continuous educational work, spread knowledge about the struggles in Kurdistan and the Middle East and convey the ideas on which they are based. In this way, we hope not only to educate about the conditions on the ground but also to work out common principles that can bring us closer together in the struggle for a different world.

3. connect struggles - create networks!
The crisis we are facing is a global crisis. All approaches that consider the problems as limited to the local, regional or national level and do not take into account the global situation are doomed to failure. If we want to find a solution to the multiple crises, we have to unite worldwide and fight together and networked for our future. With Ronahî we want to build bridges and work together on the international networking of democratic youth movements.

Ronahî - Youth Centre for Public Relations